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At Valley, we are committed to preserving our environment in all aspects of our business; from our manufacturing processes and services to our people and corporate culture. Below is a list of all the areas in which Valley is green.

Manufacturing Processes and Services

  • Drape and skirts are laundered to "new condition" vs. being replaced.
  • All ink cartridges from our large format graphic printing are recycled.
  • Used oil from our vehicles is sent to a recycler.
  • Exhibits are designed and built to maximize materials and keep un-usable waste to a minimum.
  • All un-needed shipping pallets are sent to a recycler.
  • Most batteries used in our production are rechargeable and sent to a recycler when its life is completed.
  • Scrap metal generated from the course of business is recycled.
  • Ship new carpet direct from mill to show site, thus reducing emissions in transportation and the fork truck emission in unloading and reloading.
  • We use water based contact adhesives.
  • We “sandwich” rental graphics to allow the reuse of PVC and acrylic materials rather than discarding them after a single use.
  • Tools are regularly sharpened for reuse keeping equipment running more efficiently.
  • Fluorescent lights are used in the displays we produce as much as possible.
  • Reusing carpet that is not damaged from the shows. (cleaning)
  • Refurbish used exhibits that would otherwise end up in a land fill.
  • Reuse components from used exhibits in Valley’s rental inventory.
  • Design show signage that can be used from one year to another.
  • All products are shipped and stored in reusable crates.
  • Valley provides badge recycling bins for show management.
  • We use only non-toxic, environmentally-safe cleaning products. Plus, recycled cotton fabric is used for cleaning towels and they are washed in house for reuse .
  • We donate used exhibits to non-profits, thus eliminating exhibit disposal in land fills.
  • We use propane forklifts with cleaner emissions.
  • We use crew cab trucks pulling trailers to minimize the number of vehicles needed to transport materials and team members.
Our People and Corporate Culture

  • Aluminum cans from the lunch room are recycled.
  • All of our ink cartridges used in desk-top printers are recycled.
  • All of our office paper and cardboard generated by the company is recycled.
  • Employees telecommute when possible.
  • Outer doors are used at our truck docks to minimize winter heat loss.
  • Using half the lights in the warehouse to save energy.
  • Keeping the heat to a minimum during the winter also to save energy.
  • We provide exhibitor kits online to:
      - Reduce amount of paper that is needed in printing.
      - Reduce emission from mailing/shipping the kits
      - Reduce fax paper