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Valley offers a complete mix of display solutions so you can Go Show to Show with ease.

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We're ahead of the "green" curve.

The "Green Movement" has gained a new meaning and evolved to a crusade for environmentalism, conservation and sustainability. And "going green" has taken on various definitions but for manufacturing, it simply means utilizing recycled materials, building recyclable products, and using environmentally friendly practices in production.

And given the growing trend in embracing "green" initiatives, Valley is proud to say that for more than 30 years, the have been ahead of the curve.

We use biodegradable cardboard made from recycled materials for packaging. And Valley's core products are
one hundred percent recyclable -- from the aluminum frames to rotationally molded, wheeled cases. In fact, we mold the universal recyclable symbol into our cases. We also recycle all of our aluminum scrap materials because recycled aluminum may be used for any product for which new aluminum is used and it's better for the environment than mining it from ore.

So the next time you go
"green", go with Valley!

Our customers are "OUR BEST"
sales people.

It was by far the best tradeshow design experience that I have had. The Logistics from design concept to shipping left me worry free so that I was able to concentrate on other aspects of the show. The Valley Expo staff was not working for me but with me and I was pleased to know that they cared just as much about a successful tradeshow season as I was. I'm thrilled that Valley Expo was part of my tradeshow team!

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